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June 11, 2010
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Buffy vs. Batman Speed Drawing by ThinkingMakesItSo Buffy vs. Batman Speed Drawing by ThinkingMakesItSo
That's right, he's not a vampire, He's the Goddamn Batman.... -.-
Just for fun, I'm actually not sure who would win.

Although batman would need to have some sort of Anti-Wit gadget on his belt just to survive Buffy's one liners.

This was my drawing for the day.
It was a speed pic, no pencil, and took about 20 mins to do in all marker.
Comments are always encouraged, especially if they are debating the logistics of a battle between slayers and superheroes :D

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Icehydra Jun 1, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
nice pic but wouldnt buffy be stronger than batman because she has super human strength?
This would be tough. I think if Batman gets his suit though, Buffy should have backup. Like Willow or Faith or Angel. Cause, like...Bruce Wayne does the martial arts. He trained to do all that crap. So has Buffy. But he gets a boost from the suit, having the extra gadgets.

Besides, knowing how things usually turn out when two good guys are fighting against each other (in Buffy - I don't know many examples in DC. Probably because I've read more Marvel. Most of my knowledge is from Teen Titans, Young Justice, and Holy Musical B@man.) a third party shows up and does some big thing. In Anya vs Buffy, it was D'Hoffryn. Dark Willow vs Everyone, Giles. And in the end, Xander. You know. That stuff.

Like, Batman and Buffy would probably be halfway through their list of quippings when all of a sudden something bigger would show up and be like "I am doing a thing and you can't stop me." and Buffy would be like "Can too." and Batman would join for kicks. Also because he might want her to survive so he can introduce her to Wonder Woman and the two would totally be bros and hang back and arm wrestle.

And also - just because stake are meant for vamps doesn't mean you can't kill people with them. Isn't that what started Faith's downfall into evil and miniature golf?
He's the Goddamn Batman. Buffy will lose.
I would like to see Buffy go against the vampire batman from that different earth. I could see that seems more likely
I'd say there both pretty evenly matched.
I know batman trained in every different fighting style in the world, and has battled some of the worlds greatest villians. But Buffy was born with slayer powers and has been training since she was 15, she saves the world almost every day, has died twice and, has sacrificed the ones she loved most, and herself to save everyone. Batman saves Gotham, Buffy saves the world. And although the fight would come VERY close. In the end Buffy would be on the ground but before Batman could hit her with the final blow she'd grab his fist, sweep her leg underneath him so he'd fall over. Then he'd use his bat grapple to try and pull the loose part of the ceiling down on her. Seeing this, just before it hit the ceiling she'd use her weapon to cut the cord. He throws a batarang at her and she dodges it. Only then does she realize that he wasn't aiming for her but the gas pipe behind her. It breaks and toxins shoot out everywhere. Batman puts on his gas mask, and Buffy knows that if she doesn't end it soon she'd be done for. She runs toward him he punches her and she falls to the ground. She shoots back up and he tries to grab her, but before he can she flips over him. She jumps on his back. Wrapping her legs around him to stay up. She grabs onto the back of his head and the bottom of his chin, and using her slayer strength snaps his neck. He falls to the ground, dead. Buffy leaves his mask on, out of respect for her worthy opponent. She then leaves the building before the gas can overwhelm her. And meets up with Willow outside to heal her wounds.
RobinFan4Ever Jul 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
The Gaddamn Batman would win of course!!!!!!!!
crash1973 Jul 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
batman wins, buffy loses ,faith shoots him w/ high powered sniper rifle.
nice work
crazykirk96 Jun 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
lol look at his where his shoe is placed
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